We care about open science. Because our research is almost entirely publicly funded, and because all our permanent and non-permanent positions are civil servants part of the public sector, we believe it is a moral commitment to make our results accessible for free at all levels of society. This includes publications (open-access) but also research material, stimuli, data, and software.

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Since 2021, all our research data is doi-indexed in the Université de Bourgogne Franche-Comté’s Open Data portal Dat@UBFC. In addition to resources specific to papers below, we also develop and maintain a number of open-source research software, including reverse-correlation toolbox CLEESE and vocal-feedback plateform DAVID, which can be found on our Resources page.


[PREPRINT] Three simple steps to improve the interpretability of EEG-SVM studies
Coralie Joucla, Damien Gabriel, Juan-Pablo Ortega & Emmanuel Haffen
BiorXiv 2021.12.14.472588, submitted, 2022

It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it: a retrospective study of the impact of prosody on own-name P300 in comatose patients
Estelle Pruvost-Robieux, Nathalie André-Obadia, Angela Marchi, Tarek Sharshar, Marco Liuni, Martine Gavaret & Jean-Julien Aucouturier
Clinical Neurophysiology, vol. 135, 2022


The shallow of your smile: the ethics of expressive vocal deep-fakes
Nadia Guerouaou, Guillaume Vaiva & JJ Aucouturier
Philosophical Transations of the Royal Society B, vol. 377 (1841), 2021

Even violins can cry: specifically vocal emotional behaviours also drive the perception of emotions in non-vocal music
Daniel Bedoya, Pablo Arias, Laura Rachman, Marco Liuni, Clément Canonne, Louise Goupil & JJ Aucouturier
Philosophical Transations of the Royal Society B, vol. 376(1840), 2021

Facial mimicry in the congenitally blind
Pablo Arias, Caren Bellmann & JJ Aucouturier
Current Biology, vol. 31(19), PR1112-R1114 (2021)

Distinct signatures of subjective confidence and objective accuracy in speech prosody
Louise Goupil & JJ Aucouturier
Cognition, vol. 212, 104661 (2021)

Vocal signals only impact speakers’ own emotions when they are self-attributed
Louise Goupil, Petter Johansson, Lars Hall & JJ Aucouturier
Consciousness & Cognition, vol. 88, 103072 (2021)

Listeners perception of certainty and honesty of another speaker is associated with a common prosodic signature
Louise Goupil, Emmanuel Ponsot, Daniel Richardson, Gabriel Reyes & JJ Aucouturier
Nature Communications, vol. 12, 861 (2021)

2016 - 2020

Note: Articles published before 2020 correspond to work conducted in the CREAM music neuroscience team in IRCAM. We list here a selection of publications that are important to our current research. For a complete list of publications on music cognition and vocal emotions from the CREAM team (2016-2020), see the CREAM archive page. For even earlier work on machine learning and audio signal processing, see JJA’s Google Scholar page.

CLEESE: An open-source audio-transformation toolbox for data-driven experiments in speech and music cognition
Juan Jose Burred, Emmanuel Ponsot, Louise Goupil, Marco Liuni & JJ Aucouturier
PLoS one, 14(4), e0205943, 2019

Cracking the social code of speech prosody using reverse correlation
Emmanuel Ponsot, Juan Jose Burred, Pascal Belin & JJ Aucouturier
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, vol 115 (15) 3972-3977, 2018

Uncovering mental representations of smiled speech using reverse correlation
Emmanuel Ponsot, Pablo Arias & JJ Aucouturier
Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, vol 143 (1), 2018.

DAVID: An open-source platform for real-time transformation of infra-segmental emotional cues in running speech
Laura Rachman, Marco Liuni, Pablo Arias, Andreas Lind, Petter Johansson, Lars Hall, Daniel Richardson, Katsumi Watanabe, Stéphanie Dubal & JJ Aucouturier
Behaviour Research Methods, vol. 50(1), 323–343, 2017

Covert Digital Manipulation of Vocal Emotion Alter Speakers’ Emotional State in a Congruent Direction
JJ Aucouturier, Petter Johansson, Lars Hall, Rodrigo Segnini, Lolita Mercadié & Katsumi Watanabe
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, vol. 113 no. 4, 2016

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