Upcoming Café Neuro
posted on January 25, 2022

Every Thursdays (13:30-14:30), we get together (mix of virtual and in-person) for coffee, cake and a short talk, in a format inspired by Kording lab’s “Lab Teachings”.

On a rotating basis, each member of the lab speaks and teaches about something they know. Anything, really. Relevant and interesting topics, good skills to know, nice Python packages, an interesting paper they read and want to share… whatever!

We try to keep this informal, so our rule of thumb is “one hour - one hour”: if you’re a speaker, don’t spend more than one hour preparing it (possibly recycling existing material that you’ve taught or talked about elsewhere); and we try to keep the session within one single hour, so everyone can plan the rest of their afternoon.

Topics are listed here for the upcoming term.

Spring 2022

Date Name Topic Materials
Jan. 13 JJA How to push changes to the group website Slides
Jan. 20 Nadia The ethics of deep-fakes (talk at 15:30) Slides
Jan. 27 Estelle Examens neurophysio réalisés au lit du patient en réa : lesquels et pourquoi? Slides
Feb. 3 Sarah Introduction à la lecture ECG et au système nerveux autonome  
Feb. 10 Nadia Brainstorming sur voix / coeur (Galvez-Pol et al, 2020)
Feb. 17 - (JJ away)  
Feb. 24 Guillaume Overview of the code to run revcor online Slides
Mar. 3 Etienne Thoret (ICLB) Interprétabilité de SVMs par reverse-correlation Notebook
Mar. 10 Nadia Quelques notions de philosophie autour de la question de l’augmentation  
Mar. 17 Coralie Bases de machine learning, SVM, et implications médicales Slides
Mar. 24 Patrick LabView training (in-person only)  
Mar. 31 Patrick LabView training (distance)  
Apr. 7 Nadia + Coralie 2 tips Python (GPT3 + Git Desktop)  
Apr. 14 JJ A few tips about reviewing papers  
Apr. 21 Juan Jose Burred The double-delay pitch shifting algorithm  
Apr. 28 - School holidays  
May 5 Paul The YIN pitch shifting algorithm  
May 12 - (Estelle & Sarah visiting)  
May 19 All Brainstorm on how to ogranize the new lab  
May 26 - Bank holiday  
June 2 - Séminaire annuel AS2M  
June 9 Estelle PhD’s year-3 presentation  
June 16 - Séminaire annuel FEMTO  
June 23 TBD TBD  
June 30 - (JJ away NICIS 2022)  
July 7 TBD TBD  
July 14 - Bank holiday